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BBianco Hospitality cultivates immersive dining experiences.

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About Us

BBianco’s partners have three decades in the business of hospitality, creating dining experiences that are authentic, artistic, and original. We create, manage, and enhance brands.

We work in partnership with Bronster LLP, a boutique hospitality and real estate law firm.

Seafood Dish

ParanzaAtlantis Paradise Island

Italian culinary artistry meets island paradise at Paranza. Award-winning chef Michael White meticulously crafts Italian coastal dishes presented with Bahamian flair. From delicate crudos to opulent pasta dishes, from exquisitely grilled whole fish to caviar, Paranza promises artistry on every plate and with every bite. Guests love this gastronomic haven set by the turquoise waters.

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MirabellaFountainbleau Miami Beach

At Mirabella, award-winning Chef Michael White reimagines coastal Italian cuisine with vibrant dishes, fresh seafood, and handmade pastas — all served amidst the Fontainebleau's oceanfront elegance. Live music and open kitchen theatrics add to the buzz, while impeccable service and breathtaking views elevate your meal to a culinary masterpiece. It's fine dining, Miami style, with a touch of dolce vita thrown in.


Santi Coming Soon

Opening Fall 2024 — Chef Michael White’s eagerly anticipated return to NYC’s midtown is almost here and will be serving Italian cuisine celebrating Michael’s years of travels and apprenticeship throughout Italy.

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Coral Gables Coming Soon

Coming soon to the heart of Coral Gables, this establishment transports you with its Art Deco elegance, channeling the city's iconic architecture through mosaic floors and geometric patterns. Beyond its ambiance, a vibrant menu unfolds with a celebration of Mediterranean flavors, from Chilean sea bass drizzled in mango salsa to melt-in-your-mouth Moroccan lamb tagines. Prepare to be both dazzled and delighted by a truly unique Coral Gables experience.

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Pegaso Dallas

Coming in 2026, Michael White will hem this opulent Italian steakhouse to be located in the soon-to-be-opened Waldorf Astoria.

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Levant Puerto Rico

Coming soon to Condado, P.R. this pan Mediterranean is set in a beautiful, upside-down clamshell on a reflecting pool and overlooking the Caribbean.

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Restaurant success starts with BBianco Hospitality Management. Let's streamline your entire operation together,  so you can focus on your vision and leave the profit-making to us.

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